goodfood GUIDE 2013


Celebrating 10 years in business with a makeover and a fresh pitch, the Rocks is now a better proposition than ever. With unimpeachable views of the marina, the seafood restaurant embraces the location with whimsical ocean-detritus chandeliers and a now-open kitchen through which diners can spy tanks of live sea creatures that make up a good portion of the menu. The occasional fuss (a mayo-domnated spanner crab cannoli) is balanced by some pleasingly big flavours with a multi-textured grilled octopus salad on a mild chilli sauce base. When it comes to the flappingly fresh mains, most of which come off the grill, the kitchen favours simplicity: check out the locally caught yellow-eye mullet with a smoky paprika sauce for a lesson in produce-driven excellence. Carnivores have a couple of options such as steak or braised lamb shoulder, and desserts may include chocolate and peanut parfait with salted caramel. Staff are some of the best on the peninsula.

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